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Hi, I am glad you decided to learn more about me. I am a rookie when it comes to braving the world of  blogging. The photo is a picture of my beautiful wife and I.

I initially started blogging to make money online, but those dreams were quickly destroyed when I found out blogging is a lot of work and there is a game of patience to make money doing that.

So I quickly shifted gears and started creating team websites, using the strategies and techniques I learned from all the Gurus only to find out, I’m not getting the whole story.

If you’re going to start a business online, it takes just as much work and effort online as it does offline. Granted you may not spend as much money BUT! there is a cost associated with doing business online.

Anyone who tells you, you can have something for nothing online is lying.

My heart goes out to men and women who like myself are trying to navigate this crazy journey of online business.

My hope is to bring some encouragement and joy to people and hopefully shed some clarity on things.

To make a long story short.

All this means is, I will attempt to share things that help me focus and press forward to achieve results.

I hope to challenge, and encourage you to be brave enough to live your life on purpose with intention. And hopefully you can achieve massive results for your online business.


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